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1st advertising platform with hyperdeflationary token

Watch ads and complete tasks to earn BSE and pay them out to your Wallet to get rich with Holder Rewards!

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What is BSE World?

BSE World is an advertising platform for crypto projects. Earners are rewarded with BSE (Best Shitcoin Ever)
for viewing ads and completing tasks. Advertisers get real visitors of their target audience here.

For Earners

View ads or complete tasks like Facebook Likes, follow Twitter channels, join Telegram groups and more to earn Best Shitcoin Ever (BSE). BSE is our in-house token that advertisers use to pay for products on BSE World - we give you most of it!

With your earned BSE you can book ads and get referrals for a company to earn commissions. You can also pay out your BSE tokens to your wallet and automatically get Holder Rewards paid to your wallet. The BSE tokens in your wallet will automatically become more - no staking, no investing, no mining! On Pancake Swap you can exchange your profit into BNB at any time!

Our Philosophy

BSE World is the platform that
makes both sides happy. Earners and advertisers.

Mad Cow
Mad Cow BSE Bull

For Advertisers

Simple banner ads cost several hundred dollars per day on many platforms. Often, these promotions are not very successful, because usually only a few people click on the banners. On BSE World you only pay for real visitors, members or customers.

BSE World rewards its community for viewing your advertisements or for completing the tasks posted by you. The reward is distributed in BSE. BSE is our in-house token. The token allows the BSE community to earn passive income governed by smart contract by simply holding the token in the wallet. The acceptance to consume advertising is therefore particularly high on BSE World!

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What is Best Shitcoin Ever?

Best Shitcoin Ever is a hyperdeflationary BuyBack token on the Binance network that uses the new standard of DeFi Tokenomics. Its features make Best Shitcoin Ever very interesting for both hodlers and traders. A fee of 11% is charged on each transaction. For example, if one sends 100 BSE, 89 BSE will reach the recipient. The fee is split for Holder Reward, BSE BuyBack and marketing fee. The maximum token amount is capped at 888,000,000,000 BSE. When Best Shitcoin Ever is exchanged for another currency, BSE is automatically bought back and burned by a smart contract, reducing the token amount.

The Fees

4% Holder Reward: The Holder Reward is automatically divided among the wallets that hold Best Shitcoin Ever. So you are no longer forced to give away your tokens for investment; you simply keep your BSE tokens in your own wallet and they automatically become more. Since the Holder Reward distribution is automatically implemented via Smart Contract, there is no risk of fraud whatsoever.

4% BSE BuyBack: BSE BuyBack is a revolutionary price stabilization feature. This fee is also managed by a smart contract. Whenever BSE is sold on PancakeSwap, the smart contract buys back BSE. This prevents larger dumps and ensures an increase in price in the long run.

3% Marketing: The marketing fee is used to permanently promote the infrastructure (BSE World) behind Best Shitcoin Ever. The permanent promotion of BSE World provides constant traffic from advertisers as well as earners. Payouts on BSE World are always made in BSE, which means that there are a lot of transactions and therefore transaction fees, which are distributed as Holders Rewards.

Token Distribution

Best Shitcoin Ever will be available for sale on BSE World for a maximum of 1224 days (3 years, 4 months & 8 days) over 5 tiers. At the same time the token is tradable via Pancake Swap.

Token distribution

However, as long as the token sale on BSE World is active, you will not be able to deposit BSE on the platform - so the BSE tokens to be used on BSE World must be purchased directly on the platform.

Since the token price on BSE World is independent of the price on PancakeSwap, one will not be able to cash out the tokens immediately. If you want to cash out the tokens, you have to buy a product (AdPack) with them first. For AdPacks, you will receive a part of the purchase price back every day until a total of 125%, 126% or 128% has been distributed - the daily distributions can be paid out to your own wallet so that you can benefit from the Holder Rewards.

If you want to benefit directly from the Holder Rewards without having to buy BSE Packs with your BSE Tokens first, you can buy Best Shitcoin Ever at PancakeSwap, which will then be booked directly into your own Wallet.

When a stage of the sale is finished, the remaining BSE tokens are burned so that at the end of the sale there are only tokens in circulation that were distributed through the token sale. Once the token sale is over, you will only be able to buy BSE through external offers such as PancakeSwap. Of course, you will then be able to deposit your BSE tokens on BSE World.

Our AdPacks

All AdPacks deliver the same ROI and pay out the same amount of cashback!
For advertisers and networkers we have AdPacks with more and longer ads as well as a repurchase rule.

  • Adpack 4 Earners

    25,000 BSE
    • Return on Investment: 125%
    • Repurchase: 0%
    • Traffic Exchange Balance: 0 BSE
    • Ad display time: 10 seconds
    • Clicks: 20
    • Normal Banner impressions: 20
    • Constant Banner impressions: 20
    • Required membership: Earner
  • Adpack 4 Pro-Earners

    25,000 BSE
    • Return on Investment: 125%
    • Repurchase: 80%
    • Traffic Exchange Balance: 0 BSE
    • Ad display time: 10 seconds
    • Clicks: 20
    • Normal Banner impressions: 20
    • Constant Banner impressions: 20
    • Required membership: Earner
  • Adpack 4 Advertisers

    51,000 BSE
    • Return on Investment: 126%
    • Repurchase: 80%
    • Traffic Exchange Balance: 1,000 BSE
    • Ad display time: 20 seconds
    • Clicks: 40
    • Normal Banner impressions: 40
    • Constant Banner impressions: 40
    • Required membership: Advertiser
  • AdPack 4 Networkers

    76,000 BSE
    • Return on Investment: 128%
    • Repurchase: 80%
    • Traffic Exchange Balance: 1,000 BSE
    • Ad display time: 30 seconds
    • Clicks: 60
    • Normal Banner impressions: 60
    • Constant Banner impressions: 60
    • Required membership: Networker

Our Client Testimonials

Ich dachte BSE wird wieder nur eine Token-Adresse und dann mal abwarten, was passiert, aber BSW-World macht ja mal einen sehr guten Eindruck!!!
interessante o projeto
Estou conhecendo hoje, vamos ver como é
good face and good job page
Thank you for all of everything. Go to moon !!
nice service
uaho excellent
the simple and best site ever. hope i can be the part of this great project
very nice service im very happy.
Hi, you have very interesting project. It`s a great idea to have a token for advertising activity, unfortunately I have not found enough information on BSE token itself and staking opportunities, voting rights within community, etc. I think it will be a positive way of project development.
I am happy to find this platform well made and revolutionary .. I know he has a lot of future before her good luck and continue
excelente proyecto muy interesanrte para seguir
Geliştiriciler çok iyi iş çıkarıyor gelecekte daha iyi yerlere gelecektir
BSE is an interesting service with a lot of potential. It ptc advertising services with it's own crypto token. This can be good opportunity for both investors and advertisers.
BSE World est Un site différent et merveilleux, je le trouve toujours fluide et facile à utiliser, avec de nombreux outils pour gagner de l'argent.
Just a day old with the system and all I can say now is keep the good job going, we should focus on the goal of making life meaning and we work to make a great future together
Ok, so I am very new here, but I like the funny cow, and I feel a good vibe from this site. It is new, but I hope will grow and let us earn. I like the concept, the green color is a very good choice. The menu is simple, easy to understand, and it works very fast. I like to be part of a new project. Have a great day everyone.
Best Crypto in the world
André Klinger
Estou amando, me parece ser muito promissor o sistema da BSE World
I think this is a good service that will give you the opportunity to make good money
Best shit coin ever is a new program with me, it make very interesting about it and i always trust leader program to make this token more better
Great !
Great project with so much potential. I love it
Дерьмо какое-то
John Taylor
I feel BSE World is an awesome program with all the services it offers to earn and advertise. It is easy to understand and provides options that I enjoy busing.
Arturas Jegorovas
bse-world.com perfect site to earn bse - best shitcoins ever , I really like it
yeya ID-1216
I have been waiting for such a project for a long time and I am very glad of its appearance. This is a NEW EVENT, in the work of the sites of RTS, GPT, and TE ... I am sure that in the near future this site will develop dynamically and promisingly with updates and improvements. Using a large network token is a good incentive for users. All success and good luck!
This site is very good. It's easy to earn BSE.
So far the experience has been good. I'm only starting now but i like it
BSE is doing excellent ad service and you can earn their token.
Excellent airdrop of 10000 BSE
One of the best if not the best platform in the crypto world. I am enjoying the service especially the earning.
This is my first time of seeing a network like this best of it kind and very much interested to be on
It's a good platform for earners
Maethaphat w.
Yes really enjoyed
Confident Name. I hope it succeeds :)
This is the best ever seen second to none I appreciate the good work
Shubham Sharma
In my opinion it's a nice project where we can earn money by doing some simple task and also can do advertisement of our own products at very low price. There is big benifits for both advertiser and customer. And one of the best thing is it give us rewards in BSE coins and if this project achieve its targets then BSE coin will also give us very good returns in future. So I think it will be a good project to join and to earn some good money.
Junio cesar
Projeto muito top demais estou feliz por conhecer o projeto
gabriel fonseca
ss to gostando muito, e muito facil de encontrar as coisa nao e uma baguça
Denilson B. da Silva
Sou novo nesse mundo de criptomoedas, mas minha experiência com a bse está sendo ótima, um painel muito intuitivo e facil de mexer e entender, possibilitando assim o acesso ate dos menos entendidos, trazendo mais pessoas pra dentro da comunidade e alavancando tudo. Ótimo.
Paulo ripp
Estou adorando o seu serviço, apenas minhas indicações não estão recebendo o email de confirmação, mas estou gostando e estou grato.
Venha para o maior projeto BSE World acompanhem este novo e emocionante projeto !!
I absolutely think this is a good project
Site top, recomendo a todos!
Very nice project
Vcs são muito legais , continuem a melhorar
Bom dia, foi um projeto indicado pelo um amigo e acredito na BSE World por ser a 1 plataforma de publicidade com tokens. Vamos que o Brasil vai colocar esse token 🚀🚀🚀
It's a very nice token an I wish it grows higher
kityche rocoda
A bse é uma plataforma simples e eficaz no que se diz respeito em gerar receita, pois, suas ferramentas são simples, o que ajuda o usuário a ter uma melhor experiencia dentro do site, sendo assim todos tem a oportunidade de experimentar a plataforma e ao mesmo tempo gerar uma receita. Por isso antes de avaliarem a plataforma experimentem, os recursos que ela oferece.
Este projeto tem tudo para lhe deixar rico, acredite e invista nesse sonho!
I think its great project, every big things have small beginning. Go on, we are behind your project.
I discovered Bsr Word on youtube. Interested in what I could have in terms of earnings on Bse World, I immediately signed up. I admit currently that I am not disappointed. sit. very lucrative and your entertain
Sidnei ramos
Bom demais
Eu penso que é um token muito promissor e que vale apena participar da plataforma
kityche rocoda
I'm loving this platform, because to generate good revenue, this platform is simple to use, has clear and easy to understand links, at the moment I'm already claiming my tokens and I intend to keep claiming always. platform.
tou começando agora mais pelo que vir parece ser um site bem pratico que nos permite muitas opçoes.
Eu achou um projeto interessante tá de parabéns o desenvolvimento do site tô gostando muito
Alexandre Chagas
A cryptocurrency with great growth potential! I will buy and store
parece sem mt promissor o projeto e que voa para cima e vcs continue assim ! parabens
Gostaria muito de conhecer mais sobre BSE World
Excelente plataforma, interface de fácil acesso e ainda por cima uma forma de ganhar dinheiro divertindo. Parabéns a equipe BSE World pelo excelente trabalho.
Cátia Moreira
Great resource for my cryptocurrency deals with safe, buying, selling and trading. Thank you!
Eu penso que é um projeto bem criativo, mas tem um porem que eu nao sei se voces da BSE World vai conseguir ter verba para concluir e manter o projeto adiante. Mas eu posso estar falando asneiras!
Excelente ideia, pouco baixo os ganhos, 30k muito para sacar
Luis Bragança
BSEWORLD is the best team project I have ever seen! It's no wonder success in a short time! We are witnessing the birth of a great crypto coin that will make history!
plataforma simples e interativa, de certo modo possibilita um entendimento bem rápido das propostas que estão sendo ofertadas.
The platform is very simple and easy to use. For this reason I am really enjoying the navigability offered by the company.
Antonio Lemos
Sei que os Hodlers que não venderem sua BSE, terá muitas surpresas na forma de bônus, e nem é preciso fazer muita coisa, tem apenas que fazer o cadastro e inserir o endereço de pagamento na sua ocnta
I met NSE 2 days ago, I'm really enjoying the platform and I intend to stay for a long time.
Até o momento estou empolgado com site, espero ganhar muitos bse e também irei indicar para os amigos.
John victor
Ótimo site. Excelente projeto! Estão de parabéns
A testimonial is effectively a review or recommendation from a client, letting other people know how your products or services benefitted them. Customer testimonials can take multiple forms, but the goal is always the same: to showcase how great your brand is.
estou muito feliz em participar desta nova tecnologia desejo sucesso a todos
juliano jrspial@gmail.com
sim estou gostando muinto varias formas de ganho e bem fasil de trabalhar com um tokem inovador e promiçor entao tenho grandes espektativa com ele
Very good !!!
Achei a plataforma muito interessante, com varias tarefas disponiveis para obter tokens BSE. projeto muito promissor
Douglas Diniz
Incredible platform, and a very promising project.
Good platform, but it needs the option to send the coins to the wallet
Roberto santos
Plataforma muito promissora gostei muito do projeto. Interface do site muito boa nao tenho oque reclamar estao de parabens
estou gostando bastante, sinto que nos do brasil podemos lucrar bastante no serviço!!
Best services ever.
Estou satisfeito com a plataforma e espero ter a oportunidade de evoluírmos juntos
Rodrigo Santos
Ótimo projeto!
The site he easy to use and understandable
Sim , muito bom o projeto e tem tudo para crescer estou colado coma BSE!!!
Diogo leite
Muito bom adoro
Muitooooo bom Bse vai mudar minha vida
Estou sim
camilo da silva
excellent platform great earnings potential we have great income and results , the site is very fast and secure , congratulations to the project developers
Galiev Malik
I think that BSE deserves praise, you combine many different functions, from earnings to advertising. Thank you
Ataniel Lustosa de Morais
Acho muito legal a iniciativa de vocês em fazer este airdrop, assim ajudam seus filiados e eles os ajudam...
great project, modern, self-sustainable and interactive, very interesting platform.
olá,estou gostando,é uma ótimo site de noticias e anuncios,e o bom é que tem estimulos para poder navegar por aki,achei ótimo
Gostei muito d ideia, estou gostando.
I have no gone deep into using it as of yet, I just joined today and it looks very cool. Clean easy to use website I can't wait to start earning!
new type of earning platform
Wagner Alves
Sera um otimo projeto,esse token sera uma nova forma de pagamentos,o futuro das cryptomoedas ja esta aqui, parabens aos desenvolvedores!👏
BSE world is a great project and I will be glad if it can stay longer and also reduce the minimum withdrawal amount
Pienso que es una página muy entretenida y justa en cuanto a pagos se refiere. En lo particular los Felicito.
Excelente página para ganar y como entretenimiento. Felicidades
joseph wendell
Projeto com muito potencial
Sandra Jardim dos Santos
Acho BSE World um projeto muito promissor.
e uma plataforma inovadora com um futuro otimo e promissora estou operando nela e estou gostando muinto
Estou adorando 😍
Una hermosa plataforma con un muy buen futuro ñ, tengo toda mi fé en esta idea
Sinceramente tem optimo serviço pessoas sérias acima de de tudo, estou grato
Edinilson Pereira
Boa noite gostei da plataforma, facil acesso e boas recompensas, ganhos bem planejados para que todos tenham acesso.
meu nome é Auricelio, e sou novo por aqui, porém gosto de novas oportunidades. vejo que o site é bastante completo e estou muito animado de fazer parte do time BSE WORD .
Sangat menyorokan dan boleh membantu saya mendapatkan income.
BSE World é uma plataforma de publicidade única, inédita e revolucionária, onde os Visitantes são recompensados por visualizar anúncios, além de poderem adquirir uma gama enorme de produtos e projetos de criptografia. Por outro lado, os Anunciantes obtêm visitas reais de seu público-alvo e assim realizam os melhores negócios. BSE World is a unique, unprecedented and revolutionary advertising platform, where Visitors are rewarded for viewing ad, as well as being able to purchase a huge range of encryption products and designs. On the other hand, Advertisers get real visits from their target audience and thus get the best deals.
BSE world token will become best for advertising payment and potential
Tem tarefas muito fácil e simples para fazer , gostei parabens!!
Ualace Rodrigues
optimi project, great platform, helps a lot in the personal development of people who are starting out in the world of cryptos.
im enjoying the servie , its cool !!
Taylan Ferreira
Creio q pode ser um token promissor irei indicar alguns amigos pra fazer parte dessa nova família!
Estou muito feliz de estar participando da BSE World,com certeza esta moedas vai dar muitos frutos no futuro e alta valorização.
Davidson Corrêa
I believe that within 2 to 3 years at most this ad model will be a very strong trend, today it is still new and there is still no demand to be successful very quickly. But as soon as demand is created and popularized, I believe it will go to the moon. It's just the beginning!
Looks to be a very promising project! I can imagine this becoming a leader in the crypto/advertising/earning space
Vitor Cordeiro de Matos
Muito inteligente a ideia de criar uma plataforma onde quem consome o conteudo tambem recebe por isso!
Es una página maravillosa para disfrutar y ganar.
great project, i loved it!
luciano lima roda vieira
estou achando interessante e inovador
luciano lima rosa vieira
esta bacana obrigado .
Roonee Acharjee
Excellent work and rate 5 stars.
Ótima , oportunidade de ganhar e conhecer novas coisas
Jefferson De Almeida Cruz
Muito legal mais precisa melhorar melhorar mais sobre esse trabalho Quero saber sobre continuar e ter liberar mais e mais e ganhar dinheiro que esse site novo consiga fazer todos felizes e todos ganhem dinheiro...
This service provides an opportunity to learn and understand crypto
Estou gostando muito da plataforma, é muito boa. Me surpreendi de uma forma positiva.
cleyton fernandes do vale
gostei munto da plataforma facil acessivel, com otimos videos ate pra passar tempo.. gangando e envestindo em moedas de forma facil agradavel e divertido.. parabens aos criadores
Ótimo projeto estão de parabéns e vamos a lua!
Claudionor Silva
it's a good project. a fantastic structure different good daring and above all technological. drives the crypto market.
It looks interesting
rhainara guimaraes
comecei a usar a plataforma agora e estou gostando muito,o projeto promete ser incrivel. estou satisfeita com os serviços
BSE world is the best earning site I have ever encountered. There are many ways to earn in BSE world. I really enjoy this site. Thank you BSE world
Estou amando o Projeto da BSE, espero que de tudo certo
Achando o site e o programa excelente muito sucesso pra voces e que continuem sempre no foco da empresa e dos usuarios
Douglas Henrique
Eu acho a base uma plataforma ótima para quem quer começar no investimento e ajuda quem não tem condições para investir mais no bse tem oportunidade e abre portas
estou gostando da plataforma e de facil utilizacao e compreensao, vamos para frente
Complacido por la variedad de opciones, con distracción y posibilidad de obtener ganancias. Gracias
in my humble opinion, I think it's a very interesting project in which we can have again as well as have fun if this continues, the project will be much more successful over time
Gostaria de fazer a transferencia do tokens da compra apra principal, em contexto geral os ite é excelente, porem nao tem a opção de pegar os tokens que esta deixando a desejar
Maycon Crispim Varanda
eu acredito muito na BSE WORLD, acredito que vai ser um projeto que vai trazer muito retorno e que vai crescer muito ainda, vale a pena de mais
Ainur Irawan
BSE World is the project I've been looking for all this time. not only gave me airdrops, the projects were also very interesting. for example, about income from surfing and paid to click. That is very fun
Jose Dugarte
He dado los primeros pasos en este proyecto, las pocas veces que he navegado por él y los logros obtenidos me dan a entender que es una excelente herramienta para la distracción, el entretenimiento y poder obtener ganancias, por eso me parece una excelente plataforma.
David Castro
Moeda promissora, estou investindo para ter lucros futuros
I can see BSE world as a great new innovation in the world of advertisement. New token with great future value.
I am getting to know the platform more and more, it is simply surprising, the project is promising.
Anthony Santana
Muito bom o site gostei demias dele espero que tenha sucesso e cresca demais sobre isso
BSE is good opportunity to revolutionary publisher server. Is a future coin.
Virlane Lima de Souza
Projeto muito interessante e com ótimos potencial de evolução e de ganhos!
J. R
Being a new user to BSE World but really like the earning features🤗🤗 Simple and nice
A very interesting project that will grow and become strong soon, amazing platform and very functional. I will continue to be a partner, rooting for growth every day
Muy complacido con todas las posibilidades de ganar BASE en esta página. Felicidades
Levi Nascimento da Silva
Nice Project
Virlane Lima
Ótima plataforma, com um projeto incrível e grande potencial de explosão.
Top platform
A very well developed platform focused on advertising, its construction thinks about customers in the long term! No doubt I will use the platform for everyday life !!!!
excelente projeto
Ralph de Carvalho Ribeiro - Stryck
Estou achando muito interessante esse projeto e serviço, apesar de não ser conhecedor de criptomoedas estou me interessando muito e achei uma ótima oportunidade que a BSE World está nos fornecendo, parabéns, desejo-lhes sucesso.
A princípio uma boa plataforma ótimos sistemas de recompensas um bom trabalho só gostaria de saber um pouco mais sobre sistema para valorização do token
HOAT, in my language is this the BSE MUH!!! gibt muhsaft, a gguuaattss rindi, usw. MUUUHHHH Hoat
When do list in exchange this token
Какая на хуй еще подпись?
ПОлное дерьмо! Это говно чистой выды, а не сайт.
Estou aprendendo ainda ,comecei ontem dia 22/11/2021. Estou gostando e quero aprender mais e fazer invertimentos no app
Estou gostando
IVONE de C Ribeiro
Ótimo projeto, BSE World , estou confiante que tudo vai dar certo, parabéns
Projeto visionário e descentralizado com tendência inovadora.
Um projeto promissor! tenho grandes expectativas sobre o projeto!
Projeto promissor!!!
E um bom projeto, fácil de executar as tarefas. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores.
lucas pacernik
estou simm
Até o momento não tenho nenhuma opinião positiva ou negativa sobre a bse pois ainda não ganhei nada, mais espero ganhar bastante e mudar a minha opinião para positiva, enquanto isso o meu posicionamento é neutro
The support is awesome and solve my problem immediately. This project really go to the moon. Im all in in BSE WORLD. My best thank you from Brazil!
Achei muito bacana o programa de vcs sem contar na seriedade.
Leandro A
O Programa da Bse world e sensacional, programa informativo e intuitivo onde vc aprende, ganha dinheiro e otimiza seu tempo.
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Charles de Melo Sá
Vem sendo uma nova experiencia com a plataforma pode assistir vídeos por aqui e sensacional!
ı think service is usefull and easy to earn
vou ficar muito rico
sera a melhor shitcoin do mundo
Vejo a BSE World como um grande projeto e acredito que o mundo vai adquirir
It's my first day
Jeremy Driscoll
I think it's a great concept and the dancing cows are adorable and just my style, I would be impressed and a big spender if there was an exchange option where I could buy BSE from the dashboard with btc or zec ltc or something directly from within the site. I also would love to see a defi invest option. PTC directly to my inbox with GMAIL would be preferred if ever possible, oh yeah and most importantly the ability to buy referrals and get paid a bonus with a faucet claim every time I claim from the faucet and a bonus with how many referrals I have, that way even if the referrals do nothing I have a reason to buy them because I can make more from my own faucet claims that way. Keep up the good work.
Na minha opinião essa plataforma de criptografia e um avanço nesse mercado que está crescendo cada ano mas que vem alcançando um público gigantesco e estou nesse público e quero continuar lucrando cada vês mas muito obrigado pela oportunidade.
Hi, I trust your project, I hope it will be the most progressive project, I am with you
Bseworld sangat membantu untuk mencari tambahan penghasilan dan cara menggunakan nya pun sangat mudah
Bse world sangat membantu untuk menambah penghasilan dan mudah di mainkan
Great project and amazing team, thank you so much for this great opportunity for me. It will be a great success in the future and will create history and will go to the moon.
It has a good platform and you can take the future in your hands.
Lucas Bazan
I like this coin but I dont know the purpose.
Good project projects sir..🌟🌟🌟
Enough of his wonderful work and I am very happy to be working on your site. I wish you success.
Anderson Tosta
Excelent site and services!
yes I'm enjoying it a lot
é interessante conhecer a plataforma
It's a new project, but if it has strong support it can grow further, I hope they succeed.
I like to this app because passive income for me. I hope more than give opportunity.
The Bse world Greet!!!
Serviço inteligente com pagamentos deflacionários.
I think this site is awesome and bse currency
Maria do Socorro da Silva
Boa noite A BSE veio como uma oportunidade de crescimento financeiro e pessoal. Estava me sentindo um fracasso mas Aparti do momento que foi me apresentado esse projeto me agarrei estou obtendo retorno não somente financeiro mas pessoal ela é uma moeda promissora acredito no seu potencial
OMG !!!
An amazing project i've been looking so far. good to start, easy task and also they have an airdrop.
i thin its nice and hope its not a scam :D im new in this ad earner bussiness trying other sites and found this one and hope bse make it big in the future. i want mostly ptc ads and i liked your ads style
Dear BSE world, I'm writing to you to say that I appreciate your services rendered so far. It's true that I joined recently, but I think that first impression do matter. The ease with which I can access your website and the fine way the timer on the ptc offer works is laudable. However, I haven't been able to make any WITHDRAWAL yet because I haven't got to the limit but I do Sincerely hope that when I get there, I won't have any challenges at all. In a nutshell, thank you and keep it up
MA Bodla
Ooo amazing! In my life this will be In Sha Allah my first paid online airdrop before that I joined a lot of airdrops but every time I didn't received anything. I hear it about on social networking platform and I read it's terms and conditions and now I'm hundred percent satisfied that's this will be a big deal. So please hurry up and join this airdrop and get a chance to change your life. Thanks....
just left. Look nice. I will test and re-evaluate.
BSE is the best currency and the currency of the future. Your duty is to get involve be and let's make a better world together.
Alireza Alizadeh
i have not enough information about this plan. i work recently in your site but even i do not know how much bse i have in $ value.
Spring Minor
Brand new to this platform but so far it seems promising!
I believe this project will grow soon. All you have to do is build a strong community.
Very good platform ever ,easy to earn
Francisco Maia
Um serviço de grande utilidade para os participantes da plataforma
Berg Cosfer
Gostei muito da plataforma, possibilita ganhos incríveis e nunca vi algo parecido, acabei de logar e já gostei da interface, pretendo fazer muitos ganhos aqui e me tornar um grande parceiro representando o brasil. muito amor para todos
bourgeois say
I just started on BSE world but making easy winnings on it makes me happy and I hope that withdrawing winnings will be as easy.
Estou gostando pois está me ajudando a adquirir uma renda extra
Il est simple et rapide à utilisé parcontre comment faire pour récupérer les BSE sur un autre compte BTC et à quel montant
Cara mudah mendapatkan uang
Paulo Cezar Gomes
Token com muita visibilidade para o futuro. Foco em divulgação de maneira íntegra e correta. Com grande potencial de crescimento posso esperar muito do BSE World. Great time's are comming
Maria do Socorro
É uma plataforma de grande Vália excelente tenho obtido ótimo resultado
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Humberto Alves
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John Alleffy
Allyson lino carneiro
Conheci o serviço BSE através do YouTube e comecei a trabalhar com a comunidade nova encontrada
Francisco Wilson
Acredito neste projeto! Que visa ser inovador ao mercado e aos públicos alvos
Estou gostando, mais fácil e interessante.
Tengo buenas espetativas, si se cumple lo que están promoviendo....puede convertirse en la mejor obción para recibir ingresos pasivos e invertir al mismo tiempo. Gracias
Unclear 02
Best paying ads view
Adaildo Gouveia
Estou iniciando mas estou adorando
Vos services sont exclusivement exceptionnel
If they pay all time so I think they don't need spend on advertising people come
Iam New in this website and l get only 128
i think its nice project i hope stay for lone time
Luiz Eduardo
Sim estou gostando da BSE espero que ele se valorize cada dia a mais
I'm happy with the project and I hope it's a success!
Ganhei 10.000 bse grátis 👏👏👏
Thiago Pereira de Oliveira
Sim , projeto esta top
David Wiliam
Muito bom, airdrop da uma boa quantia de tokens
Nice project!!! Let' Go to the moon
Hello everyone, I have found this page BSE and I think it is a good option to test to see how its performance is, apparently it has good rewards
Vitor Hugo
Uma nova oportunidade de ganhar criptomoedas
BSE is a good project with great potentials to survive the crypto Space.
Goody good goood
I think it is a beautiful website to earn free and easy money, but I have one concern the withdrawal limit is huge somewhat. others things are very awesome and helpful.


All services on BSE World are free of charge for all users!
However, for advertisers and networkers we have memberships with practical extra services.

  • Earner

    • AdPack clicks required daily: 10
    • PTC click earnings: 12 BSE
    • PTC Direct Referral click earnings: 1 BSE
    • PTC ad purchase commission: 1%
    • Maximum active PTC ad campaigns: 10
    • Minimum daily PTC clicks to earn from referrals: 3
    • Facebook Money Earnings: 20 BSE
    • Facebook Points Earnings: 2 Points
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video: 35 BSE
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video (Points): 4 Points
    • Twitter Money Earnings: 25 BSE
    • Twitter Points Earnings: 3 Points
    • Fee for transferring Commission to Main Balance: 4%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Main Balance from other users: 7%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Purchase Balance from other users: 7%
    • Direct referrals limit: 100
    • 1 level commissions (1%)
    • 8% commission for token sale
  • Pro Earner

    8,250 BSE per month
    • AdPack clicks required daily: 0
    • PTC click earnings: 12 BSE
    • PTC Direct Referral click earnings: 1 BSE
    • PTC ad purchase commission: 1%
    • Maximum active PTC ad campaigns: 10
    • Minimum daily PTC clicks to earn from referrals: 0
    • Facebook Money Earnings: 20 BSE
    • Facebook Points Earnings: 2 Points
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video: 35 BSE
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video (Points): 4 Points
    • Twitter Money Earnings: 25 BSE
    • Twitter Points Earnings: 3 Points
    • Fee for transferring Commission to Main Balance: 4%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Main Balance from other users: 7%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Purchase Balance from other users: 7%
    • Direct referrals limit: 100
    • 1 level commissions (1%)
    • 8% commission for token sale
  • Advertiser

    16,500 BSE per month
    • AdPack clicks required daily: 0
    • PTC click earnings: 12 BSE
    • PTC Direct Referral click earnings: 2 BSE
    • PTC ad purchase commission: 2%
    • Maximum active PTC ad campaigns: 100
    • Minimum daily PTC clicks to earn from referrals: 0
    • Facebook Money Earnings: 20 BSE
    • Facebook Points Earnings: 3 Points
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video: 35 BSE
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video (Points): 5 Points
    • Twitter Money Earnings: 25 BSE
    • Twitter Points Earnings: 4 Points
    • Fee for transferring Commission to Main Balance: 0%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Main Balance from other users: 4%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Purchase Balance from other users: 4%
    • Direct referrals limit: 1000
    • 2 level commissions (2%/1%)
    • 8% commission for token sale
  • Networker

    33,000 BSE per month
    • AdPack clicks required daily: 0
    • PTC click earnings: 12 BSE
    • PTC Direct Referral click earnings: 3 BSE
    • PTC ad purchase commission: 5%
    • Maximum active PTC ad campaigns: 1000
    • Minimum daily PTC clicks to earn from referrals: 0
    • Facebook Money Earnings: 20 BSE
    • Facebook Points Earnings: 4 Points
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video: 35 BSE
    • Earnings per watching YouTube video (Points): 6 Points
    • Twitter Money Earnings: 25 BSE
    • Twitter Points Earnings: 5 Points
    • Fee for transferring Commission to Main Balance: 0%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Main Balance from other users: 0%
    • Fee for receiving transfers to Purchase Balance from Purchase Balance from other users: 0%
    • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
    • 3 level commissions (5%/2%/1%)
    • 8% commission for token sale
The most promising and well thought out project
I have had the pleasure to work on in years! Daniel, Chief programmer

Payment options

All services on BSE World are paid for with Best Shitcoin Ever.
We accept the following currencies for BSE purchases:









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