Earn cryptocurrencies easily

We pay Best Shitcoin Ever to surf the web and do simple tasks.

Earn cryptocurrencies for free

Cryptocurrencies will be the standard in just a few years. So it can't hurt to start earning cryptocurrencies now. But how do you earn cryptocurrencies? If you ask your boss if he will pay you in Bitcoin in the future, he will most likely look puzzled and answer in the negative. On BSE World, you can earn Best Shitcoin Ever (BSE) by watching ads or completing simple tasks. Membership is free. The distributed cryptocurrencies are financed by the advertisers. While earning our in-house token Best Shitcoin Ever, you will be informed about other good offers to earn other cryptocurrencies as well.

  • Discover new crypto sites recommended by other users.
  • Get paid for surfing with our cryptocurrency Best Shitcoin Ever.
  • Keep BSE in your wallet and earn Holder Rewards as the price keeps rising.

Five most popular ways to earn cryptocurrency on BSE World

On BSE World you can start your own business to earn more than just pocket money. Your extra earnings count around the clock - those who are active earn! You earn cryptocurrencies for surfing the internet and completing tasks. Conveniently, seriously and on the side from home as online home work. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Participation is of course free of charge and is refinanced 100% by advertising partners. Once you have earned the equivalent of 30,000 BSE (~$18), you can request a payout to your wallet. This will be processed within a maximum of 24 hours. Sign up today and start earning real money! Find out exactly how this works and what options you have on BSE World here!

✓ CPA/GPT Offers
CPA/GPT offers reward you for completing simple tasks with the cryptocurrency BSE. Joining a Telegram group, registering on a website or simply clicking a link are three examples of endless ways to earn cryptocurrency. This is the most popular free earning opportunity on BSE World.

✓ PTC (Pay To Click)
In our PTC section, advertisers link their websites or referral links. Here you get paid for browsing, because you can view the websites for at least 90 seconds each and then get rewarded with Best Shitcoin Ever. In addition, we regularly organise PTC contests where high prizes are awarded to those who have visited the most websites.

✓ Youtube Videos
Probably the most fun way to earn cryptocurrencies. Under Youtube Videos you will be rewarded for watching at least 60 seconds of Youtube videos of our users. Earn our cryptocurrency Best Shitcoin Ever (BSE) by watching videos and learning something on the side or just having fun.

✓ Affiliate Marketing
We offer you the opportunity to promote BSE World with an affiliate link. This way you can build up a very good income. Earn up to 8% commission three levels deep - for life! Not only on purchases, but also when your referred users watch ads! In addition to the link, we offer you banners and a splash page to professionally promote BSE World and Best Shitcoin Ever.

✓ Revenue Sharing
Revenue sharing is the most popular way to earn our cryptocurrency. Buy shares in the form of AdPacks - this way you profit twice: You receive up to 2.5% cashback daily for each active AdPack until 125% is reached. That makes a profit of 25% for each AdPack. However, the price also includes advertising space that you can use to promote other projects. So you don't just earn from the AdPacks, but also from the leads that are generated by your advertising.

Want to earn more than just pocket money? Great! Because we pay you with Best Shitcoin Ever (BSE). This is our in-house, hyper-deflationary redemption cryptocurrency with Holder Rewards. BSE World itself is constantly buying Best Shitcoin Ever on the decentralised exchange Pancake Swap to distribute to BSE World users in the form of cashback and profits. This and other factors lead to our cryptocurrency having the potential of a 1000x token.

Register for free on BSE World and buy AdPacks for your passive income. Discover new sites and complete tasks to earn extra Best Shitcoin Ever. Of course, Best Shitcoin Ever can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on Pancake Swap at any time. However, we recommend keeping the token in your wallet to be eligible for Holder Rewards and collect Holder Rewards until it is worth selling.