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General questions

Revenue Sharing



General questions

What is BSE World?

BSE World is a revenue share based advertising community; is a platform where companies and networkers can advertise. But also private persons can advertise e.g. their blog, their Youtube channel, a Telegram group or even a referral link. Visitors to view ads or complete tasks such as following a Twitter channel and are rewarded with BSE World's in-house token (BSE).

BSE World generates revenue through fees as well as from the sale of advertising space. This revenue is fully distributed to the community after costs are deducted (revenue share). This is done through cashback distributed to the community's active AdPacks. If you want to participate in the revenue of BSE World you need AdPacks. An AdPack is active until it has distributed 125%, 126% or 128% of the purchase price.

What is BSE?

BSE stands for Best Shitcoin Ever and is the in-house token of BSE World. The special thing about Best Shitcoin Ever is that it is a hyperinflationary token that is self-sustaining, fully automated and unmanipulable via smart contract for price stabilization and Holder Rewards distributed to all token holders once a transaction has taken place.

For more information, please read the whitepaper from Best Shitcoin Ever.

Is BSE World a ponzi scheme / snowball principle?

Very clear: No! Advertising space is offered on BSE World. As an incentive to view the posted ads, we directly give a portion of the revenue to the viewers. After covering the costs, the rest of the revenue is distributed to the owners of active AdPacks in the form of cashback. No one has to recruit new members, as it would be usual with a Ponzi. BSE World can even be used to earn for free!

BSE World can only distribute cashback if the offered services are also purchased. So like in a normal company: a service is sold for money, from the money the costs of the company are covered, taxes are paid and from the rest the boss buys fat cars. At BSE World, the boss does not buy big cars, but distributes the money as cashback, so that everyone gets something out of it - that is the only difference between BSE World and a normal company.

Is BSE World a scam?

Especially in the crypto universe, it is often the case that websites are no longer available from one day to the next and the operators have run out of money. BSE World serves as an ecosystem for Best Shitcoin Ever, a token on the Binance smartchain that works unmanipulable with smart contracts. The distribution of revenue from the token sale is detailed in the whitepaper and is mainly used to capitalize the token on the Pancake Swap exchange so that the token can be traded by anyone. This process is publicly visible and can therefore be verified by anyone.

When designing the token, we deliberately chose a token that distributes Holder Rewards to those who hold the token in their wallet. Thus, there is an incentive for the BSE World community to pay out BSE Tokens whenever the amount for the minimum payout is reached. Once a token has left our platform, we have no power over it either.

Quite apart from whether you want to verify the legitimacy of BSE World or not, you are welcome to become a part of our community by joining our Telegram group. There you will meet people who have been following the admin of BSE World for years and are convinced of its seriousness. Of course, the admin is also active in the group and will be happy to answer any unanswered questions.

Why should you invest in Best Shitcoin Ever?

Many people are familiar with this: You invest your hard-earned money in a token and then, overnight, the project suddenly disappears from the scene. With Best Shitcoin Ever you will not have this experience!

Best Shitcoin Ever, BSE for short, is a hyperdeflationary token with its own advertising platform. The platform is already up and running and enjoys thousands of active users. The project is very well received by the crypto community and has the potential to become very big and secure a permanent place in the crypto universe.

Best Shitcoin Ever is the only payment method accepted for the purchase of advertising on the platform "BSE World". However, the survival of the platform does not depend on the sale of the token!

An 11% fee is charged for a BSE transaction. 4% is held back for the BSE buyback function of our smart contract, which immediately buys back BSE and then burns it if someone sells a large amount of BSE. This is to avoid major price drops. A further 4% fee is automatically distributed to all holders by the smart contract. To earn Holder Rewards you don't need to do anything except keep Best Shitcoin Ever in your wallet. So you are no longer forced to give your money to any platform to increase it, you only need to keep it in the wallet and it will automatically increase. For the principle of Holder Rewards to work, there must be many transactions. For this reason, a 3% marketing fee is charged for transactions. This is used to permanently promote the services of BSE World, which will generate a lot of transactions and thus Holder Rewards.

BSE World has additional income from outside besides the advertising income. These are distributed in dollars and euros. BSE World exchanges fiat money into BSE on Pancake Swap and then distributes them to BSE World users in the form of cashback. This will ensure a rising BSE rate in the long run!

The token sale runs over three years in five stages. With each stage, the token becomes more expensive. So it makes sense to collect as much BSE as possible during the token sale so that the Holder Rewards earned will be enough for an income later on. This DeFi income is regulated by our Smart Contract and cannot be manipulated or switched off! BSE World could also accept any other coin like Bitcoin, BNB or Tron as payment. However, the platform only accepts BSE so there is a reason for transactions to generate Holder Rewards.

The token "Best Shitcoin Ever" is therefore a decentralised smart contract that no one can manipulate, shut down or rob. The advertising platform "BSE World" works centrally, but is a useful extension to the smart contract. 



Revenue Sharing

Is it true that RevShare cannot work in the long term?

That is absolutely right. A revshare programme cannot live forever if one does not pay attention to the relationship between income and distributions. The consequence would most likely be that the distributions would at some point be reduced very quickly, until at some point nothing could be distributed at all. To ensure that this does not happen with BSE World, we have taken two precautions.

1. of course, we constantly keep an eye on the ratio between income and money that still has to be distributed in the future. Nevertheless, there will have to be a cap on the active AdPacks. Currently, the sale of AdPacks is limited to 10.000 units. Admittedly, this sum was decided sporadically and will have to be adjusted at some point. However, we have deliberately set the maximum number of AdPacks low. We therefore assume that the sum of 10.000 AdPacks will be increased at some point.

Our strongest weapon against the threat of insolvency is our "external income". We invest part of the revenue from token sales exclusively in decentralised financial instruments such as staking and reinvest the profits until the day eventually comes when we have to fall back on the profits from the investments.

In addition, we have third-party advertising on the website - this income increases proportionally with the number of visitors to our website and is permanently added to the distributions so that there have to be significantly fewer advertising bookings on BSE World in order to keep BSE World running properly.

In a nutshell: We allocate our internal as well as external advertising revenues to the AdPack distributions (revenue sharing) and at the same time we regularly invest money in decentralised investment opportunities as collateral. The profits are constantly reinvested to increase the level of investment and thus the returns. Once we have sold 10.000 AdPacks, we can calculate the maximum number of AdPacks that can be active and adjust the amount accordingly. The maximum number of AdPacks is calculated in such a way that we achieve a daily payout of at least 0.3%.

What happens if BSE World miscalculates?

In the worst case scenario, if all our advertising partners were to cancel their contracts with us, no one would book any more advertising on BSE and no more tokens would be sold, we could simply stop selling AdPacks and pay off our debts to our customers through the returns on the decentralised investments.

I have nothing to promote with an AdPack

If one has bought BSE at the ICO, these are booked into the Purchase Balance. That means you can't pay them out but have to buy something with them on BSE World. If you want to pay out your BSE tokens, you have to buy AdPacks with them. You get up to 128% cashback on an AdPack - so you earn something with it! Every evening at 11pm (CET), the cashback is distributed among the active AdPacks. These distributions can then be paid out.

However, if you want to buy AdPacks, you need an advertising campaign. After all, an AdPack needs something to display. You could make it easy for yourself and simply link but it would be better if you can generate additional income with your advertising, wouldn't it?

The first thing to do is to look for an offer you like at PTC Ads. After you have registered there, you will usually be offered an affilate link free of charge to promote your project. You can then use this to create a campaign for AdPacks on BSE World. If the project generates customers after they have clicked on your link, you will be rewarded with commissions from your advertised project.

There are also offers that pay you just for having someone open your link. One of these offers is Rotate5URL, after you have registered there for free you can immediately start earning money by linking the provided advertising link at BSE World as a campaign.

The link above to Rotate5URL is an affiliate link from BSE World. We collect the commissions earned from this link. We then distribute the earnings to the BSE community in the form of cashback.